A non-profit organization founded by returned Peace Corps volunteers to fund scholarships and other projects in Guatemala.


Friends of Guatemala is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that funds scholarships and other projects to benefit children and their communities in Guatemala.

Friends of Guatemala (FOG) was founded in 1989 by a group of returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) living in the Washington DC area with the goal of promoting cooperation, understanding, and goodwill between the peoples of Guatemala and the United States. Supporting education in Guatemala is FOG’s primary focus.

FOG provides an opportunity for former Peace Corps Volunteers to stay connected with the Peace Corps community and with friends and colleagues in Guatemala. Our organization is a member of the National Peace Corps Association.

While many FOG members are former or current Peace Corps volunteers, membership is open to anyone with an interest in Guatemala and a commitment to FOG’s goals. Membership starts at just $15 a year, and is free to newly returned volunteers. To join, contact us at:

FOG is a non-profit organization, incorporated in the District of Columbia and tax-exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue code. Your donations to FOG are tax-deductible.


FOG’s primary focus is supporting education for young people in rural Guatemala. We fund scholarships for students at the basico or middle school level, a critical time between primary and secondary or professional school when many students are forced to drop out due to lack of resources. FOG manages two types of scholarships:

Category 1

Each year donations to the FOG scholarship fund support 20-30 students, most at the basico level with stipends ranging from $200-400. Scholarship applications are accepted and reviewed by the Board annually in the fall. Current PCVs and FOG members nominate candidates and serve as mentors. Many FOG scholarship recipients are the first in their families to complete basico and some are the first in their communities to go on to professional schools. Through this program, hundreds of young Guatemalans, who otherwise might not have had the chance, have been able to continue their education and contribute more fully to their communities.

Category 2

Under our Category 2 program, FOG provides administrative support to current and former volunteers for their own fund raising efforts. Through this program, volunteers leverage donations they raise from family and friends to support students not only in basico, but, in some cases, all the way through professional schools to become teachers, nurses, lawyers and doctors. Typically FOG is able to double or triple the number of students we serve by working with this extended network of RPCV families and friends. RPCVs also work with FOG through the Category 2 program to support community development projects.

Other Activities

FOG organizes fund-raising and social events, partners with other non-profits to sponsor service projects, such as collecting bikes to be sent to Guatemala, and supports activities and initiatives of NPCA and the larger Guatemala Peace Corps community.

Student Stories

Click on their pictures to read the stories of some of the students Friends of Guatemala is supporting!

Our Board


RPCV Guatemala 2000-02
President. Board member since 2013.


RPCV Guatemala 1985-87
Vice President. Board Member since 2013.


RPCV Guatemala 2010-12
Secretary. Board member since 2013.


RPCV Guatemala 1983-87
Treasurer. Board Member since 2004.

Ana Isabel

PC Guatemala Staff 78-12
In-country Scholarship Coordinator since 2012.


RPCV Guatemala 1990-92
Scholarship Committee.


RPCV Guatemala 1965-67
Scholarship Committee.


RPCV Guatemala 2011-13
Communications Committee & NPCA Liaison.


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